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datingbestman150Dating The Best Man

Could Cory Bellanger Be More Than a Friend?

The tall, dark and handsome forest ranger has a way of making Daphne Carruthers feel safe. Her brother’s buddy is also awakening feelings deeper than friendship. Daphne wants to believe in the future Cory’s offering, but first she must come to terms with her painful past.

Helping Daphne recover from a difficult relationship, Cory knows he has to be careful where her heart is concerned. And Cory is hiding a secret of his own that could destroy the fragile trust they’re starting to build. Can he stop their pasts from sabotaging their future together—and convince Daphne he’s the best man for her?

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Jeff Shaw Expects A Blue Christmas This Year

Reeling from a broken engagement, Jeff doesn’t feel like celebrating. Especially with his ex-fiancee’s younger sister, Natasha Brickson. But Natasha is determined to immerse Jeff in Christmas cheer, and to his surprise, her tender care begins to mend his heart. Unlike his ex, Natasha is warm, compassionate, and lovely inside and out.
Natasha’s always stood in her sister’s shadow, so she doesn’t expect the man of her dreams to notice her. But when their friendship becomes something more, can Jeff convince Natasha that he was engaged to the wrong sister… and give her the Christmas gift of a lifetime?


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The Best Man’s Secret  thebestmansecretsm

Dave Ducharme is a man of mystery

Dave’s heart is captured from the  moment he lays eyes on Ashley Kruger. Too bad it’s while he’s saving her from a bank robbery! When Ashley is injured, Dave promises to stay close. He’s determined to take care of her – and to win her trust.
Ashley can’t believe she was rescued by such a gentle and handsome man. As she gets to know her dashing hero, hope grows that he may be the one for her. But when dangerous secrets from his past come to light, Ashley will have to choose between safety… and love.

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 Love By The Yard

by Gail Sattler

#ISBN is 978-1-59789-455-5

Love is blooming in Shanna’s backyard. Struggling to rebuild her life after her husband’s death, Shanna McPherson watches her landscaper transform her backyard into a work of art. Despite her attraction to this kind, handsome man, Shanna can’t shake her fear of falling into another abusive relationship. Brendan Gafferty has his hands full on this landscaping job. Shanna’s ornery dog keeps burying Brendan’s tools and her two young children only add to the chaos. But somehow the mayhem that is the McPherson family works its way into Brendan’s heart. When Shanna receives menacing threats from an angry relative, can she trust Brendan enough to turn to him for thelp – and maybe even another chance at love?

LOVE BY THE YARD was voted by the Heartsong Presents Readers as the #5 Favorite Contemporary for 2007


What’s Cooking?
May, 2005)

But Mitchell can only cook hot dogs….
When twenty-four-year-old Mitchell Farris signed up for an evening cooking class he wasn’t expecting to meet the woman of his dreams. Now, if he can just convince the teacher he’s the man of her dreams and that age doesn’t matter, he’ll be fine.
Carolyn Rutherford is quickly approaching her thirty-third birthday and knows that the time to settle down is fast approaching, but with whom? She has a mental image of her ideal mate – and it’s not Mitchell Farris.

Would the Lord call her to marry someone nine years her junior? Or will everyone just wonder what’s cooking?

WHAT’S COOKING? was selected by the 2005 Heartsong Reader’s Poll as the #7 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year


(June, 2004)


 Shannon Andrews thought she’d never have to see her older brother’s obnoxious best friend again. But out of the blue, Todd Sanders has come back into her life. It’s too much to believe he’s reformed himself, but somehow, he is different…

   Todd has loved Shannon for a long time. Knowing the pain his incessant teasing has caused, he’s determined to win her heart through unconventional methods. But when the office playboy takes credit for Todd’s work and feigns interest in a relationship with the Lord, Todd fears Shannon could be in over her head. How can he reveal his heart without appearing to be jealous?

SECRET ADMIRER was selected by the 2004 Heartsong Reader’s Poll as the #4 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year




(September, 2003)ISBN 1-58660-865-7

Trouble is brewing…... along with the coffee at Donnie’s Donuts.

Sarah Cunningham is only working the graveyard shift to make her university classes. Of course, she enjoys seeing Constable Matt Walker, but she knows the extent of their relationship is coffee and pastries. That is, until she starts to notice some odd things happening around Donnie’s Donuts.

Matt Walker is definitely attracted to Sarah. When she informs him of clandestine meetings between her boss and a known drug dealer, Matt has to put his feelings aside and help Sarah do the right thing.
Will the pressures of undercover work undo the fragile beginnings of a relationship between Sarah and Matt? Can the Lord bring about a change in Sarah’s heart, despite her ulterior motives for attending church? What if Matt loses his heart, and then loses his girl to desperate and depraved criminals? click here to read an excerpt from A DONUT A DAY

A DONUT A DAY was selected by the 2003 Heartsong Reader’s Poll as the #1 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year




HP530 (March, 2003)
ISBN 1-58660-765-0

Eat at Joe’s…Chantelle Dubois needs a job. So, when her uncle Joe needs her to fill in at his diner during an emergency, she comes running. She tries her best, despite the fact she has never worked in a restaurant. However, Chantelle and all those around her quickly agree-she can cross waitressing off her list of potential careers.

Mark Daniels is at the end of his rope. He’s overworked, overtired, and overstressed at a job that, all his life, he thought he wanted. When a call for help to fix a crashed computer comes from his uncle’s business partner, Mark decides it is time to take some well-earned and much needed time off from his job. He travels to his hometown to help out at Joe’s.
Another emergency prolongs his stay for more than just the weekend. Mark finds himself partnered with Chantelle to attempt something he could never have foreseen in his wildest dreams-or his worst nightmares. Neither Mark nor Chantelle knows what they’re doing. They are at polar opposites of the spectrum in most matters in life. With sparks igniting between the two, is it possible for Mark and Chantelle to run Joe’s Diner as partners in peace?
But God is a God of miracles…
click here to read an excerpt from Joe’s Diner

JOE’S DINER was selected by the 2004 Heartsong Reader’s Poll as the #5 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year

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HP509 (November 2002)
ISBN 1-58660-623-9

Phillip McLean has been entrusted with the care of a family heirloom: a Christmas tree-topping angel ornament made by his grandmother. When disaster strikes – the poor angel is stained by coffee – Phillip calls upon Grace to help fix it before Granny finds out.

But that’s not the end of it. Every time Phillip turns around, it seems, something else is happening to the angel. This ornament that was supposed to be a blessing has become a curse – except that it keeps sending him to Grace…

Meanwhile, Grace’s emotions are surging. She’s liked Phillip for years.

As Grace mends the crocheted angel, will her heart and Phillip’s be knitted together? 

HIS CHRISTMAS ANGEL was selected by the 2003 Heartsong Reader’s Poll as the #2 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year




– HP473 March 2002
ISBN 1-58660-524-0

Trevor’s best friend is marrying Janice’s best friend. And they have only four months to convince Frank and Laura — who couldn’t be less suited as mates — to call off their wedding. In desperation, Trevor and Janice implement a plan. Pretending to be in love, they double-date with Frank and Laura as a means to help the pair discover how wrong they are for each other.

But nothing Trevor and Janice do seems to matter. Even after attending a twelve-week pre-marital course with their friends, Frank and Laura remain stubbornly committed to their wedding plans.

Throughout their time together as the “loving couple,” Trevor and Janice grow close, and as the wedding day approaches, each secretly dreads ending their ruse.
As the big day arrives, will the wedding be on?

THE WEDDING’S ON was selected by the 2002 Heartsong Reader’s Poll as the #5 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year




HP464 – December 2001
ISBN # 1-58660-475-9

Another train arrived at the station Hard times that began with the stock market crash of 1929 are only worsening for Elliott Endicott. With his dreams crumbling around him, Elliott has one last hope: a job on the West Coast. He’ll be taking the train–but not as a paying passenger.
Louise Demchuck’s father works for the railroad, and one of his duties is to remove hobos from the trains. Day after day, Louise’s kind heart aches with compassion for the homeless men she sees. She always prays for them and does what little she can to feed them.
What will happen when a hobo named Elliott crosses the path of a railroader’s daughter named Louise? Will the locomotive whistle announce love or simply another disappointment?

THE TRAIN STOPS HERE was selected by the 2002 Heartsong Readership Poll as the #6 Favorite Historical Heartsong of the year




HP445 –  August 2001
ISBN 1-58660-378-7

Boys and their toys. . . Twenty-five-year-old Josh McMillian has become the legal guardian of his five active nephews, ages six to fifteen – and he’s in way over his head. Josh struggles to find time for himself as he cares for the boys, cooks, cleans, and acts as referee, all while holding down a full-time job. He also hopes to get the boys involved in church – something his nephews have never done before.
Schoolteacher Melissa Klassen takes a special interest in young Bradley McMillian, especially after she saves him from a stray dog’s attack. In return, Bradley has a special interest in her, too – not just for himself, but for sad, lonely Uncle Josh.

At first Bradley succeeds in getting his teacher and his uncle together, but it doesn’t take long for them to discover Bradley’s little scheme. Then, slowly, all the McMillian boys team up to find reasons for Melissa and Uncle Josh to see each other. Will “McMillian’s Matchmakers” succeed?
McMILLIAN’S MATCHMAKERS  was selected by the 2001 Heartsong Reader Poll as the #2 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year.




HP433 –  May 2001
ISBN 1-58660-259-4

Life is full of surprises. . . Cindy Martins is always willing to take on a challenge, such as administering first aid to the unidentified victim of a car accident. She assumes the relationship will end there – after all, she doesn’t even know if he’ll live.
Months later, she meets the man – who is very much alive and wanting to know her better. Cindy, however, satisfied with the knowledge that God put her in the right place at the right time, isn’t interested in his gifts or gratitude. Despite his wishes – and because of the unusual circumstances of their meeting – Cindy must send him away.

She could actually like the man, but she cannot allow the relationship he so obviously wants. Cindy tells herself she is not who the man thinks she is.
In her mind, the case is closed. But then, every day, a few flowers arrive…

A FEW FLOWERS  was selected by the 2001 Heartsong Reader Poll as the #7 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year.




HP406 –  November 2000
ISBN 1-58660-070-2

Snowbound for Christmas!When a car accident strands Dennis Bancroft in a snowstorm, he desperately needs help–fast. As the snow cover rises and the temperatures drop, a saving angel happens by on her way to her family’s mountain cabin.
Adelle Wilson’s plans for celebrating Christmas change quickly, as she finds herself entertaining unexpected houseguests for the holiday.
In a snowbound cabin, caring for two infants and making do with limited supplies, Adelle and Dennis experience a Christmas they will never forget. Under ordinary circumstances, they would never have met. Now, can they bear to part?

ALMOST TWINS  was selected by the 2001 Heartsong Reader Poll as the #3 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year.





HP397 – September 2000
ISBN 1-58660-024-9

Mike Flannigan has made a mess of things. All his life, Mike has been spoiled and self-indulgent, only thinking of himself. Suddenly everything comes crashing down around him, and he is arrested. A condition of his probation is to attend AA meetings under the strict supervision of his probation officer. And in the process, Mike falls in love with his probation officer’s sister.
Patricia doesn’t mind helping someone when they need it, but Mike needs more help than most people. Patricia does her best to guide Mike as he accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior, and at the same time, she gently nudges him along as he works through the AA program. But when Mike finds himself, will Patricia loose a piece of herself?

MY NAME IS MIKE is the story of Mike, the last of a 4 book series beginning with Gone Camping
MY NAME IS MIKE  was selected by the 2000 Heartsong Reader Poll as the #3 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year.
Note – this title is being re-released as part of a collection under the new title VANCOUVER, release date July/03




HP385 – June, 2000
ISBN 1-57748-964-0

Gwen is prepared to remain single.As a teacher, having the summer off allowed Gwen Lamont to accept the challenge to temporarily partner with her uncle as a long-haul truck driver. However, after a breakdown on the road, Gwen must take a priority load across the country with an alternate partner, Lionel Bradshaw.
As a beginner, Gwen has much to learn about driving a highway truck and life on the road. She had wanted to learn from her uncle, not a distracting man like Lionel.

Gwen is a people-person who has always led a busy life, active in her church, her career, and her family. Lionel enjoys the quiet, and the solitary lifestyle of a trucker suits him well. Together, they must move the load as quickly as possible, overcoming rugged countryside, inclement weather, scheduling, animal hazards, and most of all, each other. 

ON THE ROAD AGAIN is the story of Gwen, Book 3 in the series beginning with Gone Camping
was selected by the 2000 Heartsong Reader Poll as the #2 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year.
Note – this title is being re-released as part of a collection under the new title VANCOUVER, release date July/03




HP358 – January/00
ISBN 1-57748-702-8

Opposites attract. Molly McNeil has been named personal assistant to Ken Quinlan, the future vice president of Quinlan Enterprises. Her first “official” act is to fall, knocking Ken down a stairwell and breaking his arm. The charming young executive graciously assures Molly that all is forgiven, and they begin to work together.
Ken is reserved and businesslike, while Molly is relaxed and open. Their backgrounds couldn’t be more different: Ken comes from money, Molly does not. Ken was raised a Christian. Molly is a new Christian and has never been to a Bible study meeting. But they soon realize that opposites really do attract.

One day, Molly overhears an office rumor about their “tawdry affair” and confronts Ken. He assures Molly that such talk is nonsense and that she deserves to be courted properly. Mind reeling, Molly wonders, Could he really mean he is interested in me?

At Arm’s Length is book 2 in a series of 4, beginning with Gone Camping

Note – this title is being re-released as part of a collection under the new title VANCOUVER, release date July/03




– HP325 – May/99
ISBN 1-57748-550-5

After breaking up with her fiance, Roberta Garland needs a vacation

After the upsetting breakup with her fiance Roberta needed a vacation, so she accompanied her friends to the local campground to have some much needed time to herself to sort things out.

Never having been camping before, she found herself depending on the assistance of the local park ranger, whose constant appearances and helpful suggestions were not always appreciated. Roberta only wanted to be left alone, but the ever-present Mr. Ranger seemed to think differently.

Will Roberta find the answers she’s looking for, or will she discover a different path to the peace she seeks?
Gone Campingis the first in a series of 4 books, ending with My Name Is Mike.

Gone Camping was selected by the 1999 Heartsong Reader Poll as the #1 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year.

Note – this title is being re-released as part of a collection under the new title VANCOUVER, release date July/03




HP306 – January/99
ISBN 1-57748-481-9

Jillian Jefferson has been hurt too many times. Jillian knows better than to risk being hurt again, and she’s quite happy with her life the way it is – quiet, steady, and predictable.  Teaching piano keeps her busy and earns her a living, and except for church on Sunday, she feels no need for anything more in her life.
One day, though, a new piano student changes her life forever. She’s expecting a kindergartner – but “little Jed” turns out to be a full-grown man. He is handsome and gentle, he makes her laugh, and he is committed to God. In short, he seems too good to be true.

Except for her Savior, no one has ever loved Jillian unconditionally, without wanting something in return. With a heart so scarred and cautious, can she ever bring herself to accept Jed’s love?

Piano Lessons was selected by the 1999 Heartsong Reader Poll as the #2 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year.




  – HP269 – May/98
ISBN 1-57748-310-3

Does an unruly dog have the power to unite two very different people? Doreen McCullough is content with her self-made business of daycare for dogs and has developed quite a clientele.  Between her Lord, her church, and her best friend Gretchen, a Standard Schnauzer, life for Doreen is in good order.
That is until the day she is plowed down by a canine that lacks even a hint of training and obedience.  The dog is the perfect reflection of his owner, Edwin Olson.  The only thing Doreen and Edwin have in common is the breed of their dogs.
Doreen has no interest in Edwin as a client due to his mangy dog – or as a boyfriend because of his obvious disinterest in God.   But Edwin has a strong desire to be near her.  Though he cannot explain why, he will do anything to get his dog into her program.
Can these two ever become one?  It could take a miracle.

WALKING THE DOG was selected by the 1998 Heartsong Reader Poll as the #6 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year.