For Readers – FUN!

Show the world your smile!  If you take a picture of yourself holding any of my books, either paperback or on your e-reader or tablet, or if you take a picture of yourself standing beside one of my books at the bookstore, I’d love to put your photo on my webpage!

I can post your whole name or just your first name, or a link to facebook or your webpage, as much or as little as you want to say, subject to editing for space and content (no spammers allowed!) Of if you just want to make a comment but not post a photo, that’s fine, too.  I’d love to see you and/or hear from you.

Click here to email me, and let’s have some fun!

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 Helen from Winnipeg Rhine Santos from Surrey Tracey Yamashita Kayla Miller
Helen from Winnipeg Rhine Santos
from Surrey, BC
Tracey From BC Kayla Miller
 Kimberley Rose Johnson Marleen Caswell .
Kimberly Rose Johnson  Marlene Caswell Gnorman the Gnome
. . .