What goes on inside an author’s head

The more authors I talk to, the more I know that there is a different train of thought that goes on inside the head of an author. When I go to one particular conference, there is a joke that goes around, there’s “us” (the writers) and the Normals. No writer I know is classed in the category of The Normals.

I know one woman who writers murder mysteries, and every time she sees something new, she wonders if it’s possible to kill someone with it. It takes a special person to be like that, and still be nice, and someone you can trust as a friend.  I once wrote a short story for a contest (it didn’t win, oh well) and one of my characters had killed someone in a way that she didn’t think could be tracked to her.  But I couldn’t let her get away with it, so another character found out and turned her in to the police.  Yay! Justice won! On paper, anyway. Or was that on my monitor? No paper was involved. Hmmm…. Could you use paper to kill someone?

Yup, that’s the way we think.

Stay tuned for more.

This entry was posted on August 30, 2018, in Blog.