Christmas shopping, and Christmas watching

It’s December! That means Christmas is within a month away. Besides Christmas shopping, something that always goes on in the mind is, Christmas writing. Is there time for writing in December? But as a writer, we can’t just not write, just because life is busy.

If I were better organized, I’d take notes. I can see it now. Out shopping in the mall you look to the side, and there is a strange person, madly typing into their phone. But this person isn’t texting because they never get any replies. Or failing a phone, maybe that person actually writing down notes on paper. The person looks around, their eyes go wide, then they keep typing even faster. It kind of makes you wonder, is that person writing something about me? I check to make sure I don’t have something embarrassing on my jacket, or worse, a sock sticking out of my pants.

And that person keeps typing, looking around and typing more. That makes you look around to see what that person is looking at. Then you start to notice stuff. People who are intent on something. Others who are wandering around looking lost.

There is a story behind everyone in the mall. Now to make notes on what that could be…