Cold out there!

I live on the west coast. It’s north of the 49th, but it’s still the coast, and therefore, warmer than the weather happening inland.

Where I grew up, the weather yesterday was recordbreaking cold – another day people who are elderly or have health issues are advised to stay indoors, only worse. That’s why I moved to the coast, so I don’t have to deal with that kind of adverse weather.

But… since I’ve been here a few decades, I’m a resident here and therefore, accustomed to the weather as it is, here on the coast. For me, 0 Celcius or 32 Farenheit is cold, too cold for my liking.

I do not like scraping windows in the morning. I don’t like needing snow tires. I don’t like huddling in the cold and seeing my breath as I try to convince the dogs to do their thing so we can all go inside and back into my nice warm bed.

Who out there is with me, counting the days until Spring? Actually, technically I haven’t, but I will now.

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