Did you survive Christmas?

It is now a few days past Christmas 2014, and I must say this has been a really good one for me.

My family had a great time with two out of three sons and their girlfriends – my third son moved to Fort St. John, BC and part of his contract is that he can not take vacation time in December as he is in middle management in retail.

My father-in-law’s health was good and we had a great visit with him. We ended up watching the made-for-TV movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. I laughed so hard, parts of it were hilarious. Part of the fun was that our dog Fred watches television, and he barks at every animal, real or cartoon. That includes the cartoon caribou in Frozen. The dog also enjoyed the Grumpy Cat movie, barking at that cat with the horrible attitude.

We also had a couple of guests, so we had a really fun Christmas day.

However, every Christmas season, there is always some kind of Christmas Disaster. One year the element on the oven burnt out with the turkey in the oven. Last year my father-in-law got the worst of a bad virus and we had to call an ambulance on Christmas day. This year, fortunately not on Christmas Day, the seal for the toilet in the ensuite bathroom gave out and we had a flood of water that went through the floor, through the basement ceiling, and onto the couch in our office downstairs. We are drying everything out, hopefully the couch can be saved, and our son the apprentice plumber is going to fix everything up so the bathroom works again in the coming week.

But all in all, a great Christmas.

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas, too, but with better plumbing.

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