Enjoying the music

Yesterday I snuck away from my deadline for my next book and took a bit of a break. My husband and I went to one of the local parks, with our dogs, where there was a lineup of different bands playing all afternoon and into the evening.

The band we went to see was, as best I can describe, an aggressive rock-a-billy group, with a guitarist, bassist, and a drummer. Of course what held my interest was the bassist. He didn’t have an electric bass, but a big acoustic bass that was wired for sound. And, he didn’t just play it, for a lot of the performance it was like he was also almost riding it. I’ve never seen anyone play a big acoustic bass like this fellow. If I played my bass like that, it would probably cry. But it sure did sound good.

My husband and I weren’t the only ones who enjoyed they music. My husband’s dog, a Scottie Schnauzer mix (yeah, a Schnottie) enjoyed it too. I wasn’t watching the dog, I was watching the band, but when the set was almost done I looked down to the dogs – remember this was outdoors in a park on a Sunday evening – and Fred had his nose in the air, and he was singing away to the music as only a Scottie can. Whenever the singer held a note, our dog did too.

While we thought it was amusing, I’m not sure the singer would have shared our opinion…

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