Father’s day

Well, here it is, the middle of June, and here on the west coast we had a nice week and then come the weekend, a total downpour on the day that we were supposed to have a fun barbecue for Father’s Day. But as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, then make lemonade.

So we made lemonade. We put a tarp over a corner of the yard and sat outside but under the deck while my oldest son was the barbecuer on Father’s Day, giving his father a nice rest (and a good laugh).  We didn’t play any badminton, and instead shared stories with my father-in-law about our badminton adventures, okay, mis-adventures, over the past couple of weeks. There was only one dog-fight over a new toy, with Fred (husband’s Scotty-Schnauzer cross) and Sadie (son’s girlfriend’s Shi-Tzu) having a growling tug, and Heidi (my mini Schnauzer) telling the world her thoughts.

Once I said I would never give a dog a people name, now we have 2 1/2 dogs with people names. Go figure.

Anyway, it was still a nice weekend, except instead of drinking ice cold soft drinks we had never-ending cups of hot coffee, and instead of shorts and t-shirts we all wore jeans and jackets.

Overall, it was a good day. We stayed dry, and had fun, so mission accomplished.

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