Getting ready for a trip

I think more people travel today than ever before. We have so many ways to get there – car, bus, train, plane, boat – and we do all of them.
There are so many reasons to travel as families and friends put miles between us for so many reasons. But when we move away, that means we get to travel to go visit, and for many, often we need to go for a business trip.
Once the decision is made on how to travel, the next thing is packing. I think packing is harder than actually traveling.
Without getting too personal, what’s the most important thing you need to pack? How do you decide what to take, and what is extra? I have traveled with friends who took a suitcase double the size of mine – and paid at the airport because it was overweight, and then didn’t wear or use half of what they took. Hmmmm…. I plan for one extra set of clothing, and then everything I take, I wear or use. No extras in my suitcase.
I always pack with a list. Yes, I have forgotten important items you never think you’d forget, because they weren’t on my list.
But there’s something you only have to forget once, and then it never is left off the list. In fact, it’s on the top my list. That’s all the chargers for all my electronic devices.
After all, you can buy socks anywhere.

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