Honey I’m home… again!

This is it for my travels this year. Now that I’m home I have a new project – I’m going to learn how to write a screenplay. I have a couple of ideas, so let’s see how this goes.

In the meantime, it’s good to be home. My dogs were very happy to see me, and even my son’s girlfriend’s dog was happy I was home.

Although, I’m sure a good part of the reason everyone was glad to see me was that I came home with Winnipeg┬áKielbassa (or for the locals, Kubassa) which is Ukrainian Garlic Sausage, as well as the most spectacular corned beef, two things that are not made that way anywhere else on the planet except in the Ukraine, and I’m not going there for deli meats.

In fact, I love this place so much, if you are ever in Winnipeg, go there. It’s called Central Meets, 630 Nairn Ave, Winnipeg, MB. The location is at the east side of the Nairn Street bridge. They don’t have a website, and it’s probably because they don’t need one. Every time I go there, there are four to six people working cutting and packaging the meats, and when you take a number, there have been a minimum of eight customers waiting. This place is fantastic.

To tell you a little history, the butcher who owns and operations this business used to have a corner store with a small butcher shop in the back, and when he closed up the little store he opened up this huge butcher shop in a busy commercial area across the city.

I love to see the little guy succeed.

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