New series coming next spring

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve got another new series coming out. This is with Harlequin Heartsong, the continuation of the Heartsong Presents line.

This is a great move for Heartsong readers. Now owned by Harlequin, that changes the availability of the Heartsong Presents books to a much wider distribution. They will now be available almost anywhere, your favorite bookstore, supermarket, and book sections of your favorite department store. Of course they will also be available online to be read on your Kindle, tablet, or any e-reader.  Or you can also buy the paperback on Amazon as well, if that’s the way you like to shop for books.

I must admit, I love my Kindle, it goes almost everywhere with me. I’ve even been known to pull it out of my purse when I’m standing in line at the bank.

Back to my series. I’m not sure of the series title yet, or if the series will have a title, but I can certainly give you a bit of information on the first book. It’s called The Best Man’s Secret, and will be out in June 2014. It’s about…. Dave Ducharme, who is the best man for his best friend, and he’s got a secret. I’ll have a better “back cover” description soon.

Book two in the series is going to have a Christmas theme, and it will be out for Christmas 2014, and the third book out in the spring after that.

In the meantime, we’re coming up to Christmas 2013. I’m thinking of how much fun it will be to be writing a Christmas themed book at Christmas time. Every other Christmas book I’ve done, I’ve written in the spring or summer, so I’m looking forward to lots of timely inspiration.

More to follow as time continues.

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