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Boxing Day in Canada

I did it. I googled the meaning of Boxing Day in Canada.

Traditionally, it was originally that people gave their servants gift boxes the day after Christmas, gave them a day off, and they took their boxes home to their families on the day after Christmas. I think this was the original beginning of “regifting”. Give what you didn’t want to the servants the next day and send them away for a day.

Another meaning is that Christmas Day, when everyone went to church, they would put donations in boxes, and then the next day, these boxes would be distributed to organizations needing help.

But what really, today, Boxing Day in Canada is what Black Friday is in the USA. A day to go crazy shopping mad-hot deals. Here in Canada, like Black Friday in the USA, it is a paid holiday for most people, which is those who do not work in retail or for an essential service.

I was amused by people who were the first in the door at A&B Sound, which was the first big Stereo and Electronics store to go nutzoid with Boxing Day sales. People lined up outside the door to be the first ones in when the doors opened for shoppers. Then people had to be there earlier and earlier, to the point where some people are already in line on Christmas Day, to get in the store to shop.

Not me.

I have never gone shopping on Boxing Day. My husband did once with a couple of the kids when they were teens. He just said it was an adventure, and he hasn’t done it since.

Me, I stay home and put my feet up and watch the crazyness on the news.