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Another thing that goes on in a Writer’s Mind – panic and procrastination

Panic and procrastination. Do those two words go together in the same sentence? In the live of a writer, they often do.

How exactly do writers come up with amazing stories and characters so real you think they could live next door? I can tell you, sometimes it just comes easy (after all, as writers, isn’t that what we do?), but a lot of the time, it doesn’t.

But writing or not, writers tend to spend a lot of time at the computer. Checking email. Facebook. Surfing for research, then getting very distracted. Did someone see that post about those cute puppies? We can’t forget computer Solitaire. There are lots of versions, you know.

Every once in a while a great scene comes to our minds and we write like crazy. But then, the scene is over, and the same thing happens with the next one. And… the deadline approaches. It’s when that deadline gets really close, and we see that we aren’t as far as we should be that panic starts to happen.

After the book is completed, do we learn, and not procrastinate so much with the next one?

Well, I’ll leave you to guess. But in the meantime, I wonder if that gadget I want is still on eBay?