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Happy Halloween

What goes on in the mind of a writer on Halloween?

Of course the most important – research!  This is a time to meet and see people when they’re not their normal selves.

Even at the office, where we see the same hard-working people every day, many people have a lot of fun with costumes, even sitting behind a desk.  I usually wonder about the costumes they’ve chosen – is the characterization because that person wants to be more adventurous (cowboys, Indiana Jones etc)? Cute and lovable (animals and pets)? Hint of danger (pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow etc)? Someone famous (stars and celebrities, Lady Gaga)? Wish they could do something bad to someone they don’t like (witch/warlock)? Hiding (a mask you can’t see their face)?

As a writer, Halloween is a great time to do character research. What is someone thinking, deep down? Do they have a deep emotional need? Introvert or Extrovert? Are they making a statement with their costume? Or was it just the cheapest they could get? Your Halloween costume can say  a lot about you.

Feeling a little self conscious now? Heh heh heh…