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Email, anyone?

I’m in the process of changing over my email to another ISP. I’ve had the same ISP for… well… many many years. But due to service and cost issues, we’ve decided to switch.

It’s not until you start changing over email addresses that you discover just how many things you have put in your email address for your contact information.  The obvious is friends and family, but they see or hear from us often, so that’s not so important.

I never realized I was in so many loops until I had to think of them all to change my address. Then as time went on, I have discovered so many that are still going to my address. Then there are monthly newsletters, blogs. And we can’t forget the ever-popular Facebook.

So today we started the switch. Fortunately we have a month to switch over.  We found out the hard way when my husband sold his business that it’s hard to switch emails after the address is discontinued. When you’ve forgotten your password – come on, do you really remember all your passwords? – the email you signed up with in the first place has to work in order to get the password so you can switch out of it.  Yikes.

Emailing me at mail@gailsattler.com will always work, no matter what my ISP is. But everything else. The nightmare begins.

If anyone out there has any words of wisdom for me, please email me. At mail@gailsattler.com, please.