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Happy Valentine’s Day! (what does a romance writer think about on Valentine’s day?)

Technically as I posted this on Wednesday, Valentine’s day is tomorrow, but it’s close enough.

As a romance writer, I think I have a slightly different take on Valentine’s Day than the average person. In order to write a book that comes out on Valentine’s day, chances are it was written in the summer time. No hearts and flowers around to set the mood, unless I do it myself.

I just saw the new episode of one of my favorite shows, The Rookie (insert big sigh here) which of course had a big focus on Valentine’s day. It said something that wasn’t at all surprising. It said, and I believe this is based on fact, that Valentine’s day is a hard day for the police force, as there are a lot of disappointed people who act out, a lot of heartbroken people, and a lot of people who fight over those limited prime things to buy and/or do on that one short day. One of the major characters took his wife out for dinner specifically the day before Valentine’s day to avoid the rush and especially to avoid the jacked up prices of Valentine’s Day specials and promos. Smart!!!

Last Saturday my band played at a Valentine’s Day Dessert and Dance, which was the weekend before Valentine’s Day, to do it on a Saturday.

If you choose to be alone, or find yourself alone on Valentine’s Day, though, I have a suggestion. Read a good Christmas book. Ho Ho Ho.

Does weather inspire a book?

There is definitely a tie between books and weather.

As a reader, when do you want to read a Christmas story?  While I am sure that most of us rabid readers have all read a few Christmas stories in the summer, the preferred time to read a seasonal story is in the season. Valentines Day books. Christmas books. There aren’t many that I’ve seen, but Eastertime stories. Thanksgiving (slightly different if you are in the USA or Canada). Summer vacation. The list goes on.

But here’s the thing.  It takes time to write a book. Then time to get it edited and proofread, then formatted. It also takes time to get a good cover designed. Add all these things up, and chances are, a writer is not writing a book in the season in which it is written.

I don’t know if I’ve ever written and completed a book in the season in which it was published. I’ve written a number of Christmas books, the most recent for Harlequin, The Best Man’s Holiday Romance. It was written mostly in the summer. Outside, on the back deck, in bare feet and wearing shorts. My iced tea was the only thing cold.

I’ve also written summer themed books in the middle of winter, when it was snowing, and I would rather eat wieners and beans for supper than go outside and do the grocery shopping. Thinking about the summer weather was no more than wishful thinking.

So my answer to that question is, yes, weather does inspire a book. Because most of the time, it’s wishful thinking. And that’s the most inspirational of all.