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Brrrr Cold! (West coast version)

Okay, I know me complaining about the cold probably doesn’t mean that much. The temperature dips to -1C (30F) and we tend to seize up here in Vancouver BC, on the west coast.

Here’s a picture I took off Facebook to show what is happening.

This is a great time to be a writer, because when it’s cold like this I definitely stay indoors. But also, seeing what everyone posts, and looking at the pictures people send of being buried in snow also makes great research. While sitting here with a hot cup of coffee and my fuzzy bunny slippers.

Yeah. Research time.

Writing in the winter.

Honestly, writing in the winter is generally my most productive time. Really, sitting in one spot for hours can be hard to do in the summer, when it’s hot out and there’s fun things to do. But in the winter, there is less out there.

The reason I moved here was mostly because I hate the snow. I don’t like driving in it, I don’t like trudging through it. On the west coast where I live, most winters it either doesn’t snow at all, or we get a dusting and within a few hours it’s gone. But, since we hardly get any, and because it’s wet, and this is hilly turrain, most people can’t drive sensibly on it. Which is why when it snows, I don’t go.

Even without the snow, sometimes it rains for a week nonstop. Or longer. And the sky is greyer than grey. That’s a good time to sit at the computer and dream up summer stories.

Maybe that’s also why I write most of my Christmas themed stories in the summer.

Go figure.