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Hidden Secrets – is that a perfect title or what?

2018 is nearly over, my last guest of this year is Kim Kouski. Kim lives Central Illinois. Her first book is Hidden Secrets. She is currently finishing book two of the series, the Last Maul which focuses on Emer, the Captain of the Guard and the last of the Maul warriors. Hidden Secrets is a Christian YA fantasy. Kim teaches writing lessons at different venues, and leads a group for writers at Riverside Community Church, and together, they are family. She is a history lover, and has a YouTube channel called Come Flag with Me. She’s also a sometimes costume seamstress and a huge fantasy/science fiction geek.

Here is what does on in the mind of writer Km Kouski:

My dad once said to me regarding my imagination, “Your imagination scares me.” Which I found very funny. Because it is true. When I was a child, my imagination gave me the ability to be a space traveler, a hunter of wild game, a pilot of a Star Wars X-wing fighter, a Jedi knight, a member of the Star Trek Enterprise, I had a very busy childhood. I was anything that I wanted to be. I was able to bring this into my writing to where I now write Christian YA fantasy, but my novels have a bit of a darker theme, meaning I bring in the evil as well as God’s goodness. One of my writers said my novel was so dark he could see the dark, which is perfect for me.

I love world building which I believe is the heart of all fantasy novels. World building means you step into the novel’s world and you tour it. What does the sky look like? The clouds, the constellations, the sun, the moon, plants, trees and animals? This is were the richness comes in. I get my ideas from reading history, from people, and from weird ideas that pop in my head.

Our history is so rich with inventive ideas that are mostly lost to us. I used to watch History channel Saturday mornings back when the History channel was about history and not aliens, truck drivers, and axe men. I’d grab my notebook and spend most of my day glued to the TV. I took notes on historical weapons, war plans, inventions, betrayals, loves and hatred. Then I’d match all these rich events to my novel and spread them out like frosting on a cake. Life is complicated and so is a novel. I love reaching into my frightening imagination and pulling rabbits out of my top hat. My readers like it too. Don’t ever be afraid of your imagination, you’d be surprised as to what it’s side it.

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