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Writing about… panic mode

As Christmas draws near, I’ve looked at what I’ve written in the last few weeks, and I have to say, it’s not much. I recently had a knee replacement surgery, and I’ve been barely mobile so one would think I have had lots of time to write. I have, but I haven’t been writing. To tell the truth, I’ve been playing a lot of games and spending way too much time on Facebook. But now that I’m finished the heavy-duty drugs, it’s time to get back into writing. The truth of today’s writing world is that more than every, a writer needs to keep writing, and not drop off the face of the earth, or rather, not drop off the face of Amazon dot com.

Which brings me to look at what I’ve done recently. I’ve submitted applications to teach at a couple of local writer’s conferences. That means I’ve written some proposals and teaching notes, but I haven’t written any actual writing.  I’ve also caught up on a lot of email. Which also isn’t real writing. I’d like to count grocery lists, which have been necessary because I haven’t been able to shop yet, so my husband has been doing the shopping. He does a great job, but he needs a list, despite the fact that he buys way more stuff than I usually do.

I’ve been working on keeping my blog current, which is more work than I thought it would be, but it’s fun to read all my guests’ contributions.

But I really should be writing. I have a six book series I’m working on, well, allegedly working. I need to catch up and get moving on that. My plan is to give the first one away for free and then put the rest of the series on Amazon.

Okay,… onward…. after Christmas…

Writing and Pumpkin Spice

Tis the season for everything Pumpkin Spice. Starbucks costs more, but I like their Pumpkin Spice lattee way better than Tim Hortons’. I only say this because I do require coffee in order to write.

This reminds me of walking the dogs along the Alouette River dike path, down to the end where the path is beside Laityview Farms, where in the fall they must make an absolute fortune with children’s field trips, taking classes of children on fun field trips ending with every child getting to pick and take home a pumpkin. Of course, the little kids can’t carry a big pumpkin, so from a business perspective, this is a great way to use their small pumpkins.

Every year I take photos of the pumpkin patch. This year was very sunny, and the field is so orange it almost glows.

I’ve got some great ideas on that path over the years. I’ve also thought out some good plot lines on ideas I’ve already thought of, and need to put together.

What is going on in the mind of this writer on this day, is that I need to get a Pumpkin Spice Lattee and sit in a quit room with my computer and get working on my next series.  It’s a five book series and the first book has to set up all the characters for the current story, as well as the next four books. I need to think and plan this before I keep going. Coffee will help.

Sometimes, that’s all that goes on, is we need more coffee, and it had better be good.

Have I planted any ideas? Don’t you feel like going to Starbucks?