The Word Guild Vancouver conference

I’ve just returned from the weekend conference of The Word Guild’s Vancouver branch, and what a weekend it was! I love going to conferences because every one of them has something special and unique, and this was no exception.  This one was smaller than most I usually attend, and definitely more casual.  Something different on this was the setting – at UBC campus, the University of British Columbia.

I stayed the night at one of the dormatory buildings. From my room on the 16th floor I could overlook the campus and the ocean, and it was gorgeous.

The highlight of this conference was the guest speaker – Dr. J.I.Packer, author of Knowing God and many, many other great books. During the dinner, part of which was a tribute to Dr. Packer, a prize was awarded to the person who owned (and brought) the oldest copy of one of his books. I won! Actually I should say my husband won, but he wasn’t with me. He found the oldest book of Dr. Packer’s that we own, and it was a first edition copy of Knowing God, dated 1973.  I don’t even know how we got a book that old, but we had it in our library, and still in reasonably good condition. That’s a book that still as good today as it was back then.

The prize for having the oldest book was a copy of his newest book, which I thought was fitting.

If you have a copy of Knowing God – check the date, how old is your copy? If you don’t have one, I recommend that it’s one you should get.


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