Tis the Season… it’s December!

This is it, it’s now December, which means for most of us, it’s the start of the Christmas season.

I love this season for all the shows and displays of bright color and cheerfulness. Even though my own Christmas lights aren’t up yet, many are. I think everyone has one house in their own neighborhood that lights everything up in a spectacular display. The most notable home in my own neighborhood has been decorating now for almost a week, and when it’s done, as is every year, it is a wonder to behold. That house is on the annual bus tour for homes with the best displays of lights.

I can imagine the hydro bill for some of these magnificent displays. I do know that many of the homes have donation boxes for hospital foundations or other charities. They ask people who come to enjoy the display, especially when many invite people to walk through the yard, to donate to their favorite charity, which to them, helps justify the increased hydro bill.

I encourage everyone to share their Christmas happyness and put some change in those donation boxes. Just think, if 200 people per day come to enjoy the lights, every day until Christmas, and everyone puts in just a nickel, how much would be raised?

Share the joy! Best wishes for the holiday season.

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