We got a new puppy!

There are few things more excting to a family than getting a new puppy. This is a very exciting time for us becasue we just got a new puppy! He is half Miniature Schnauzer and half Scottish Terrier, and he is the most adorable little guy.

We bought him online, and he was flown in from northern BC. Picking him up at the airport was quite an experience. We went to the South Terminal of the Vancouver International Airport, where the small planes fly in from the small and remote locations. The terminal is very small, but homey and almost fun, well, for an airport. The young men who took him off the plane and brought him to us were very nice, and they even made a special trip to pre-unload him from the plane first.

The plane was so small there was no real “baggage compartment”, instead the baggage was just loaded at the back of the plane, to the rear of the passenger section, so it would have been a much less stressful trip for an animal, and as far as I’m concerned, much less subject to risk as well.

So now I’m the proud parent of a new puppy. One day that little airport experience is going to make it into a book, I think.

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