Welcome to my Blog Restart

Welcome! I’ve chosen the topic of life as a busy woman as the theme of my blog.

This is a busy world we live in. How do we manage our time? I can say that I manage some days better than others. And then, with so much to do and so much on my plate, I end up playing Solitaire on the computer, and life goes on.

I’m in 3 bands, and over the last week, the Elton John tribute band I’m in had 3 performances, one at the Bandstand in Maple Ridge, and two at the Langley RibFest. All were fun, despite a few technical difficulties. I like to think I use music to relax me, but sometimes it’s one more thing in the list of stuff I have to do. But at least it’s fun. I have some photos of us on stage on Facebook. This is the first time I’ve performed where there was a video monitor beside the stage, I found that both exciting and un-nerving to have my photo there, larger than life. But it was still fun, and we all enjoyed ourselves. Most of all, it was a great break from daily life.

Now, on we go.