Who are writers, anyway?

My guest today is Geni White.

Here’s what Geni has to say about the life of writing.


Writers are friends, siblings, parents, workers, students; they fill normal roles.

Writers think according to their role experiences, like everyone else. Writers have various emotions, like ordinary people. In my elementary school years neighborhood kids begged for me for stories. We’d sit on the grass under our huge oak trees and I’d create a tale. But I grew tired of telling spontaneous stories. I preferred to plan tales in advance.

Now I think like a nurse, a wife, mother, friend, child of God, as do others.

What is different when I think like a writer? Writers ask what if, how come, where, when, who, about people and events.  Some writers imagine new characters for their stories. I consider people I know. Then I combine characteristics of several real folks to design persons for my stories.        

Writers notice how their emotions affect their behavior. They learn to express emotions through the body language of story characters.  My brain listens to internal conversations between unknown people. However, I seldom write down these conversations; they feel like writing practice.   

During a story, I imagine dialogue between my characters, always with a purpose of showing who the characters are, or to move the story forward with information, conflicts and emotions. I first outline my story scenes, though not in detail. Details come as I compose the first draft. At least five or six editors evaluate my writing before I submit for publication.         

Find out more about Geni at www.candlealivepublishing.com

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