Woodpecker season!

I can tell it’s Spring. The woodpeckers are back.

Here where I live, every year at this time we get either a woodpecker or a multitude of woodpeckers who land on our chimney and star pecking.

One wouldn’t think this is unusual, because after all, that’s what woodpeckers do best – they peck. Except… our chimney top is like those on most modern houses – the top is a metal cap. He’s obviously not getting bugs for breakfast. Then what is he doing? All he’s doing is making noise. A lot of noise. Starting first thing in the morning, then off an on all day.

After a little research I discovered that making noise is exactly what the woodpeckers want to do. It’s a mating ritual, and he’s trying to attract the ladies with his pecking skills. It’s a competition between him and all the other woodpeckers in the neighborhood, and he who makes the most noise gets the best chick.

The woodpecker on top of my chimney is apparently quite the Don Juan. It’s not just a gentle “peck peck peck”. It’s like a machine gun rapid fire, echoing down through the chimney flue and roaring through the house like a runaway freight train. We don’t need an alarm clock this time of year.

I took a few videos. If one of them worked I’ll post something.

After all I’m awake now…

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