Black Friday is coming

Here in Canada Black Friday is just another working day, but yet a lot of the mega sales and promotions are creeping up over the border. In Canada our big sale day similar to Black Friday is Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), which never made sense to me because it’s the day after Christmas. A shopper, at least this shopper, wants to get the deals before I have to shop, not after everything is bought.

It always amazed me to see interviews on the news of people who were spending all of Christmas Day in line for the opening of the stores on Boxing Day. Spending Christmas with my family is more important to me that waiting in line for the chance to get half price on a television… when I already have a good television. Although my husband thinks a little differently, he’d love a new television with all the latest hi-tech gizmos. Still, he doesn’t want it bad enough to spend Christmas on the sidewalk.

But there is always the rush of all-day shoppers who just go early in the morning. If that’s your thing, then go for it and have fun.  Please, don’t give Thanksgiving with your family to do it.

To all my American friends, I wish you the best Thanksgiving with your family, and the best shopping with your friends.


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