Fall is Falling

I’m sure how witty that is, but aroundĀ  here, that’s what it feels like. We had some absolutely great weather, then suddenly, the sky is cloudy, the temperature has dropped, and it’s been raining for days.

More than anything, my husband is reminding me that it will soon be close to the time to change the tires on my car, as at 7 degrees Celcius something technical happens with the rubber that meets the road, and it’s time to change tires, and not wait for the first snow fall, which here in Canada, can potentially happen when the temperature hitsĀ  0 degrees Celcius.

Next weekend is the time change. I like that time change because I allegedly get to sleep in an hour. Also, I won’t be late for church.

So here we are, the leaves are falling, the days are shorter, the ads are out for buying winter tires, and someone has already been into the Halloween candy.

Yup. Fall has definitely fallen.

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