Canadian Thanksgiving

Today is officially Thanksgiving in Canada. Besides taking the time to be thankful for all our many blessings, there are things most of us never say that we’re always thankful for on this long weekend in Canada.

A paid day off work.

Even though Thanksgiving supper is a lot of work to make, we’re always very thankful for the great leftovers, and that now we don’t have to cook for days, just hit a button on the microwave. (which is why most families in Canada make their turkey dinner on Sunday – so the cooks of the family can be thankful on Monday that they don’t have to work. This must be what it was like for the ladies during the time of the Exodus, when they collected enough Manna on Saturday to last for 2 days, and no one was to work on Sunday.)

Great weather on the west coast.
We took our dogs for a walk on the dike today – in shorts and t-shirts. We’re having a record-breaking spell of warm/hot and non-rainy weather on the west coast, while my relatives in Manitoba have 6 inches of snow to deal with.

All our windows are open, and we’re treating ourselves to icey drinks from McDonalds. Maybe we’ll win a prize in the Monopoly game they’re running? I won a free fries! (oh yippie, that will help with the mortgage)

Puppy – I know I’ve mentioned him a lot lately, he’s even cuter especially now that he’s pretty much house-trained.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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