Indian Summer

Ah… Indian Summer. I’m not sure of the origin of that term, but that’s what we’re having here on the west coast where I live, and I must say, I’m quite enjoying it.

My tomatoes, which I planted from seeds, probably too late in the early season, haven’t done well, but with these warm days, they’re ripening. I must say I’m enjoying them, even if I am not really using them in salads like I planned, but instead I’m walking up to the plants and nibbling nice ripe and juicy cherry tomatoes, fresh from the fine.

My cucumbers didnt’ grow.

I planted lettuce, but my son thought it was weeds growing amongst my tomatoes, and pulled them all out.

I have some herbs that have grown nicely, and they will be guests of honor in my spaghetti sauces over the winter.

I had 10 new strawberry plants, and they grew 3 strawberries. I planted 3 blueberry bushes. I didn’t get any blueberries, but I knew that, the guy from the nursery warned me. But I’ll have some next year. I can hardly wait.

A few years ago I planted 3 pumpkin plants, not realizing they would take over the yard. I’ll never do that again.

I’m not sure what I’ll plant next year, I don’t have a garden, but plant some things along side the fence. Who knows. Maybe cantelope?

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