Guest blogger – Amish Wisdom

I’ve just been a guest blogger on the Amish Wisdom site. It was interesting to think back on everything that led up to The Narrow Path and The Path to Piney Meadows.

Here’s a link to the site and my post –

Thinking back to those books, I do have a story in mind for a 3rd book in the series, after I’m done my current project, I think that’s what I’m going to do. As a reader, I love to read about a community and see how characters I’ve come to know in previous books carry on with their lives. I’ve done many series books, starting back with Vancouver, the four books in that series were originally published by Heartsong Presents, then compiled. Even though it’s been many years, I still get comments from readers on those.

Now to start some serious thinking about Piney Meadows…

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