New book

With the release of my latest new book, Dating The Best Man, I’m trying to think of something for my next project. I’m almost finished my current project which will be an ebook only release in the summer that’s part of a series with 5 other authors. The writing is almost over, and now comes the business of editing, proofing, and compiling, then converting to e-book format to be sold on Amazon. I’ve never done this before, and it’s quite an adventure.

But now comes the next adventure of thinking of a new idea. For now I have 2 continuations to think about. I’ve had a number of responses from people to finish up an old series, the Men Of Praise series, with a book on Paul. I’ve also had a number of people ask if I’m going to continue on with my series in Piney Meadows. The answer to both is yes.

So now to start formulating ideas, and back to the drawing board.

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