Hot hot hot…

Wow, is it hot outside. I can only say…. it’s hot.

Summer is fully upon us, and I have to say that as much as I enjoy summer, I also like to spend the hot part of the day, when I don’t have plans, sitting in my cool basement, working at my next book on my computer. Although, on a day like today, I think I’m going to move outside with my laptop.

Later in the week, if the sun isn’t too hot, this feels like a good time to go to one of the local farms and pick some yummy blueberries. I’d like to say I have plans to make a pie, but the truth is that within a day or two, all the blueberries will be eaten, and I’ll have to go out again. This spring I bought 3 blueberry plants and put them in my back yard, and we have all been faithfully watering them. Next year I won’t have enough to make a pie, but one day, it will happen, and when the time comes to make a pie, I’ll only just go outside into my back yard, and put them from the plant to the pastry.

But for this year, off to the local blueberry farm I must go.

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