Did you see that subject title? Blueberries!

When I first moved to the Vancouver BC area, one of the first things I noticed, besides the lack of wind and the over-abundance of rain, was the spectatcular blueberries. They are big and fat and juicy, and very very delicious.

I am not a pie person, I just like my blueberries cold and in a bowl, no milk, no sugar. There is no better snack than fresh blueberries. And I live in a place that has world-famous blueberries. There are many blueberry farms within 10 minutes of my home, and here is a link to one of them – Purewal Blueberry Farms.

I invite you to check out how blueberries are grown, and if that tempts you to go buy some at your local farmers market or grocery store, then go for it. This place ships blueberries all over Canada and the USA. There is a good possibility that you could be eating from the same crop as me.

There are other farms off the path where I walk my dogs. But that’s another post.

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