Indian Summer – pumpkins?

While I was out shopping at the Dollar Store this weekend, I noticed they had all the Halloween stuff out in full display. The funny stuff as well as the ugly and gruesome. Yuk. As well as the costumes, there were plastic pumpkins, which of course reminded me of real pumpkins.

Due to health reasons my dog is on a vegetarian diet. Yeah, you read that right. A dog, on a vegetarian diet. She has vegetarian kibble, and instead of adding canned dog food, we add pumpkin. Believe it or not, she doesn’t just like pumpkin, she loves it. As I am thinking that fresh then frozen is going to be better than canned, I started to think of buying pumpkins for Halloween. I don’t want to pay a fortune for a million pumpkins, so I have started thinking, I should ask my neighbors if when Halloween is over, if they want to give me their used pumpkins. I will gladly take them, and my dog will happily eat them. One ice-cube size portion at a time.

Yeah, the things we do for our furry babies.

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