Sorry, no sex

Well, I’m not really sorry, but I thought it would make a good subject title.

I often go into and read the comments from people who have bought my books. With this digital age, books are no longer totally purchased by release date. As well, it’s easy if you picked up a book mid-series (I do this all the time), now you can go back and get them all, and read them in order.

That aside, I don’t know how I didn’t see this sooner, but I just read this reader comment on When Pigs And Parrots Fly for the first time

I don’t know how to paste the link, so I’ll copy and paste it. Thanks for this great comment from Barbara Higdon.

I really enjoyed the book . Amusing and kept my interest. I would recommend this book to anyone. NO blatant sex scenes, actually no sex scenes at all. They weren’t needed to make the story good wish other authors would do the same thing .

I love to hear when someone enjoys one of my books like this.  People often comment that they would like to be able to hand a book to a younger relative – recently a granddaughter – and she didn’t have time to read the book first. Well, with my books, there is no worry. They have always been this way, and they will continue to be this way. Meant to be enjoyed by adult women, but still safe for younger readers.

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