Lamb or Lion?

Here it is mid-March, and it’s got me thinking about the old saying that March either comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, or the other way around.

On the west coast, March definitely came in like a lamb, and now, mid-month, it’s still a lamb. It’s so much like a lamb that I think it will go out like a lamb, too – at least here.

I have continued to watch how the weather is treating the rest of the continent, and I think it’s the opposite way. It came in like a lion, and still looks awful lion-y out there.

This got me to wondering how this saying came to be, so of course, I googled it. So I will copy and paste – the origins of this phrase relate more to astrology rather than meteorology. The lions and lambs of March come from the constellations, Leo the Lion and Aries the ram or lamb. Leo is more prominent in the night sky toward the start of March, while Aries is at the tail end of the month.

The advice on the site I looked said people were better off sticking to the predictions of meteorologist’s, and now that I know how this came about, I’m include to agree.

But I still like the lamb to lamb weather we’re getting in my corner of the planet.

Happy spring!

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