I saw a bee!

Here on the west coast where I live we are having a very early spring. The crocuses have come and gone, my daffodils and tulips are up, all the spring blossoms are either out or are nearly finished. I have even seen a bee on one of my blossoms!

The early spring is beautiful to look at, but not so great for some people who have allergies. I’ve heard that the spring allergy season is going to be really long this year where I live, because everything that irritates is simply out longer.

But I’m still enjoying the flowers. Much to my husband’s dismay I have already started my tomato and cucumber plants above the kitchen sink, something that drives him crazy every year. He just wants me to go to a garden center, in May, and simply buy the plants. What fun is there to that?

This year I have tried to plant some cantaloupe, but for some reason when the plants got to a couple of inches tall, they died. I fear in my excitement I am over-watering them.

I wonder if this year I might try to grow pumpkins. I bought plants once and I grew some lovely pumpkins in my back yard. I didn’t realize, unfortunately, that the vines grow everywhere. But it was amusing, so maybe I’ll do that again. The reason I’d like to try that is that my Miniature Schnauzer has had some health problems and my vet put her on a vegetarian diet. Yeah, a dog on a vegetarian diet. Go figure. But that said, she really loves mashed pumpkin added to the vegetarian kibble. My vet said that pumpkin is very good for all dogs. I forget what it is great about it, but when the vet says it’s good, it’s good.

Now to find some pumpkin seeds, and I’ll soon have more little pots of mud in my kitchen window.  And I know I’ll hear about it, too.

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