OCW Writers’ conference

I’ve just returned from the first time I’ve attended the OCW summer writers’ conference in Portland, OR. The conference had so many highlights I don’t know where to start. As soon as I finish with the rehearsals and performances for Spamalot (I’m playing piano as part of the orchestra) then I’ll work on putting some of my photos together.

Unfortunately, by the time I realized that I should have been taking photos, the conference was nearly over. There were so many great highlights to this conference I barely know where to start. I made some really good friends whom I will keep in touch with long after we’re home. I talked to some editors both for business and for pleasure. I was both on the learning and the mentoring end of this conference. I love learning new stuff, and reviewing stuff I already know, and it’s great to sit with a beginning writer to share the joy of the journey of learning the craft.

I stalked a PT Cruiser owner and he let me sit behind the wheel and took some pictures of me. Ah, my dream car. 🙂 I took some great photos of a deer all alone on the road. Of course I over-consumed with the coffee. Even the ride home was fun, because I met a new friend when we carpooled from home to Portland – a long drive without airconditioning in stifling heat.

Of course the trip wouldn’t have been complete without something going wrong. As we were in the lineup for the border, I couldn’t find my passport, so while I was driving and moving up one carlength at a time toward the border, Tina was leaning back and rumaging through all my stuff frantically searching for my passport. What an image we must have made.

There’s probably a plotline in there somewhere. 🙂

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