Often my husband and I walk our dogs along a public path alongside a small river just north of where we live. We see a lot of animals besides dogs on our outings, but guess what we saw today? Well, if you read the subject title, you already know the answer.

He (or she?) was in the farmer’s field beside the path, watching us as we walked. Of course we had to stop and look at him/her, and when we did, he/she looked right back. It was almost spooky. This particular coyote looked quite well fed, which was also spooky, because their favorite meals tend to be chickens, cats, and small dogs.

Being the owner of one such dog, who also happens to be quite well fed and perhaps not in the best condition to out-run a wild animal, we decided not to push our luck. We turned around and went back home.

This was not Wile E Coyote. This was the real thing, and it wasn’t after any Road Runners. It would have been after the little snack that was running around my feet.

We went home. But my husband got a couple of good pictures, so I consider it still a good outing.

Still, I would have rather seen some ducks. They only eat bugs and fish.

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